Bostic and Zippel Creeks Watershed Assessment Project Final Report

Excerpt from the final report:

I.   Introduction

Erosion within the Bostic and Zippel Watersheds in Lake of the Woods (LOW) County and the resultant sedimentation of bays and channels has been identified as a significant resource concern by local government resources agencies, land owners, and other business interests.  The purpose of the Bostic and Zippel Watershed Assessment is to evaluate the sources and transport of sediments through the hydrologic system from the headwaters down to the Zippel and Bostic Bays.  Current conditions are evaluated along with estimates of past sedimentation rates to provide context.  In addition to quantifying the movement of sediments, structural and non-structural sediment reduction alternatives were evaluated.  In addition to the sedimentation issues, local resource managers also identified flooding, water quality, and wildlife habitat degradation as resource concerns.

The FULL REPORT is available on the LOW SWCD’s website.


Bus Tour of Bostic and Zippel Watersheds

The final report for the Bostic and Zippel Creeks Watershed Assessment was recently completed.  We are currently planning a bus tour of this area to host hands-on conversations about the conclusions of this study.

Two additional studies will be discussed during this event.  The Lake of the Woods Watershed Restoration and Protection study began in 2012 and will be completed in 2016.  In addition to the Bostic and Zippel Creek Watersheds, this study includes the Willow Creek and the Warroad River.  More details about this study are discussed HERE.

The other study that will be presented on is the completed Lake of the Woods Shoreline Erosion Study.  This study began in 2011 and continued through 2012.  The final report is complete.

The bus tour is FREE for registered participants.  Please RSVP through the Lake of the Woods Soil and Water Conservation District (218-634-1842 ext. 3).

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Watershed Conditions Report is available online

The Lake of the Woods Watershed Conditions Report was created by Houston Engineering.  It is complete and available at the LOW SWCD website.  Here is a direct link –

The introduction on page 1 explains what this report is,  “The Watershed Conditions Report is an initial component of the LOW MWRPP. This Report describes the physical state of the LOW MWRPP Project Area, provides a discussion of watershed demographics, gives a summary of previous or on-going efforts to assess and/or manage water quality in the area, gives an overview of the water quality conditions of lakes and rivers within the watershed, and identifies data gaps within the available water quality and streamflow data.”

Come learn about this study!

Summary of ALL the comments during Community Discussion held on Oct. 2nd, 2012

Summary of Survey Responses (as of 10-02-12)